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- Balisaritrans first created at 2001, Gede Sutarwan and friends build this transport company because have the same vision, to bring more costumer know about Bali, not only from outside but more than that. We show our costumer about Bali island and showing more about Bali, mostly people only visit the famous places, but in Bali more hidden place and more beautiful.
- at the first our driver only 5 people, without any marketing and advertising, we have an order because loots of our costumer spread the news about our service.
- until now we have 125 drivers but mostly we are sharing partner, we want our driver has a good life. We give education how to handle our costumer with professional, listening to their request, helping with the tour program.

"Now we are improving our service"

we create crypto token and add it into our service, our token running on solana blockchain.

why we choose solana?
Solana is the cheapest gas fee on blockchain ecosystem, that why we choose solana network.

you can check about us on : Solana Ecosystem
- we already have a market for our token $BST,
for our costumer and crypto trader.
- you can use our token to pay your pick up, daily tour and drop airport for now. But on our goal for the long term you can use more than that.

how to support us? you can buy our token direct into our dex exchange.
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