Following the new era of digital, we think to move a step in the future, normally people if they travel or holiday they will pay by cash for airport pick up, daily tour, or drop to the airport, but sometime you not have cash because all your money on your bank account, we give some solution here, special for crypto user.
        The costumer can directly pay for pick up, daily tour, drop to airport using our token, we created token on solana ecosystem, because the best part of solana is low fees and sending transfer is very fast.
Example: Mr. Jhon wants to travel into Bali island, he is crypto user, he can directly buy our token on serum dex, keep it, and he can use it when traveling time, just contact us, to arrange the schedule for pick up and everything. Our driver will pick up and drop you at your destination, and at the last Mr. Jhon can pay using $BST token for payment, even for give some tip, every driver on our company will have sol address.
        Our main goal is to give some opportunity to our driver and our costumer to earn more, $BST token lists on serum dex, and help the government goal.
        We will make some contract with so many places, like a restaurant, souvenir shop, activity, etc. so you can pay on their place using $BST token. We do this project on our island, BALI island, Bali is the most popular tourism destination, million of people come to Bali and spent their holiday in here, we will expand our token to another island and will work together with local transport.
Token Supply : 50.000.000 $BST
Mint Address : EYDEQW4xQzLqHcFwHTgGvpdjsa5EFn74KzuqLX5emjD2
Symbol : BST
Name : Balisari Trans
Market : Marketplace
You can check it our token on : Explorer Solana or Solscan